Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wonderful weekend -

It is not often that the Lees are together.  We are far flung and all have demanding schedules. On a rare weekend together, we managed to celebrate my parent's birthdays. Both turned 70 a few months ago and we haven't been able to celebrate until now. We did get the parents matching iPads. I am still not sure how much they will use them - I hope they love playing Angry Birds as much as I do.


Uncle Donald came and it is always a good time when he is around. He is such a good sport, playing Wii with Vince, helping Edda with a bath and he is all around advice person for: bikes, electrical work, Mac adjustments, games, puzzles, things that are "cool" and dancing. In other words, there was not a still moment for him! Also, do you think we look alike? At least 17 people this weekend told us we look exactly alike! :)



sherah said...

Yes you look alike but you are brother and sister!

Noel said...

Mom and I are using our iPAD not daily but hourly :). See we are not too old to be with you guys :)