Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taking the day off.


I took the day off yesterday. And I did anything I damn well wanted. I had tea with a friend, I started setting up a tomato garden, I decided to go back to school and take some classes, I ate dinner with my husband, I went to my small group meeting and finally I planned some parties. And I got a full nights sleep. I'm ready to get back to work today.

Oh and I took some pictures of weeds.


My 8 dollar dinner (we split it!) with my husband.



yamster said...

Love your new(?) glasses, Doris! It's been a while since you've posted a self-portrait. Glad you enjoyed your much-deserved day off and hope we'll see you soon.

Dawn said...

Good for you, hope it was wonderful!

Doris said...

It was a wonderful day!