Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big's big day!

 Now that Jeremy's back in town, we are again eating beautiful fruit and vegetables.  It is no secret that when he's out on business, we eat a lot of kid-friendly crap - pasta, chicken nuggets and scrambled eggs for dinner (I was pretty proud of myself that we ate at home every evening, no pizza delivery for us!) - we have been pretty low on fruits and vegetables.  But no more!  This morning Edda and I shared this wonderful pear/strawberry fruit salad.


Also, while Jeremy was out of town, Big the tadpole, morphed into a frog.  So today was Big's big day - he got to go back into the wild! 


I hope he's OK out there and did not already turn into someone's dinner. 

Edda napped through the big release:


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