Sunday, April 18, 2010

Luncheon with Donald & Aunt Liz's Avocados

Today, Rena & I had a lunch with Donald and his friends at Menlo Park, CA. We enjoyed it very much. Only two friends were from the first group that we met several months ago. They are all young and energetic. Very good. After lunch, Mom gave 4 avocados from Aunt Liz's tree. They are huge and delicious. Hope Donald will enjoy them.

The weather was very nice today. We drove more than 400 miles to have lunch. Afterward, we dropped by at one of our classmate's place at Morgan Hill, CA to look at his chicken farm, pretty impressive.

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Noel said...

There is a gigantic one that Mom would like to bring it back to Doris & Company. Don't know will last that long :)