Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick trip to Philly.

I've took a few days off to have a quick vacation to Philly with a girlfriend. We walked a lot, talked a lot and ate a lot - of cheese steaks. I normally try and minimize my meat intake to only only one meal a day, but in the spirit of Philadelphia - I ate three cheese steaks in a 48 hour period. Yes, I'm still a little uncomfortable as it (they?) moves through my digestive tract, but it was really, really yummy. For those in the know, we went to Geno's, Pat's and Jim's.


We also made time to tour Independence Hall and just by coincidence, today (Sept 17) is the anniversary of the signing of the constitution!



Unknown said...

which one was the best?

sherah said...

I'm trying so hard to watch my girlish figure and this looks so gooood!

Noel said...

Mom & Dad only tried Geno's

Doris said...

OK, so Geno's had the nicest service, Pat's had the best presentation and Jim's had the best grilled onions. My personal favorite is Pat's!