Monday, September 28, 2009

Passport photos.

Jeremy took Edda today to Target to get some passport photos. After 1 hour, a handful of goldfish crackers, 3 attempts with a Polaroid camera, they left empty handed. The criteria for a passing photo - looking up, no smile, no teeth showing, mouth closed. We tried 60 times at home tonight, I don't know if we are going to be successful anytime soon.







Karen said...

While they may not fit passport requirements (which are so boring!), these pictures are certainly successful! Edda is beautiful, as always.

Shelly said...

Have you tried the DIY approach from the web service at
Worked like a charm for me and my toddler last week.


Rebecca said...

These are great shots!!! could photo shop out her tongue in that one...What about taking one first thing in the morning while she is a bit groggy? She just looks so happy in these!!

Noel said...

I think the third picture can be used by tilting it upright about 20 degree :)

sherah said...

I have no advice on how to get a picture of her but the third one pretty much says it all. I totally cracked up.