Sunday, September 27, 2009

Camping - more adventure than we signed up for.

Now that we are home, warm and dry, I can reminisce and wax romantic about what a great time we had camping yesterday and that we are total studs for having lived outdoors in a downpour that lasted from 3 pm yesterday to 7 am today. It was so extremely wet - even Ruby was a little put off.


There was hiking:


Bonfire and s'mores:


Bonfire #2 and skits:


And Edda, the true trooper, who joined us in the rain for dinner and complained through the root beer floats - as soon as she was in dry clothes and tucked into a warm sleeping bag, she feel asleep within 45 seconds and pretty much slept through the night.



Noel said...

You always have two camping sites ready for you all the time.

1) backyard
2) our farm in PA

Unknown said...

Awesome. It looked like fun, even in the rain! It's been such a long time since I've gone camping.

Doris said...

Donald - you should have been there.l