Friday, August 14, 2009

Visitors and plumbing saga continues.

We have a full house this weekend. Two sets of visitors who are overlapping as well as a trip to NJ to the Rett Clinic. Our first visitor is Nikolai, a visitor from Germany, who is a distant cousin of Jeremy's. He's in the US for 5 weeks, spending most of the time in upstate with Kiki and Kappa - he's swinging by DC to do some sightseeing. We went to dinner and out to ice cream.


Here's Edda doing her pirate imitation - Arrrr!


Gold's Gym was doing a class outside and Vince pretty much did 50% of the workout. Lots of lunges and pushups.


And look. We finally did it! We cut a hole in the ceiling to figure out the plumbing problem. We are such chickens, such lame DIYers. What can I say, it took us months to decide to cut a hole in the ceiling, it's a wonder I can even manage to decide what to have for lunch.


And what you all are waiting for - it's a complete mess. I don't know what that blue goop it, but there is a huge leak at the joint. We are trying to figure out the history of this, but I think we'll need to take out both more of the ceiling and get a plumber.



sherah said...

OMG! We've been dying for you to cut the hole in the ceiling. Finally.

Rena said...

You may apply some glue on the joint and see if it works. Since it is a drain pipe with no pressur.