Sunday, February 22, 2009

Traveling again this weekend.

We are on the road again this weekend. Jeremy loves to pack - he is usually in charge of packing for the kids and for himself and I swoop in at the last minute and shove my clothes into the space that he's saved for me. We've been together so long that Jeremy knows that I always pack too light and he needs to add an extras of his own boxers/undershirt/sweatshirt that I'll need to use as PJs.

I don't know what happened this time, but I was trying to be "helpful" and co-packed the suitcase with him. As a result, neither of us knew exactly what the other person had packed. As a result, one of the four of us is going commando today.


Ruth Ziony said...

Thanks for the 'highlight' re
"commando" as I was unfamiliar
with the term......tee hee.

Someone I know once said in reference
to that state of undress, 'well then you'll just have a verysexy day..."

Samantha said...

Do we win a prize if we correctly guess who is commando today? HA!

execudiva said...

Thanks for the belly laugh...I needed that!

When my daughter was 5 she forgot to take underwear to camp (she went dressed in her swimsuit). She was getting dressed after swimming and her counselor heard her say "oh, man, I forgot my underwear!" The counselor had no idea what to do, and said "uh, oh". My daughter replied, "that's ok, I will just go commando!"

Imagine the looks I got when all the teenage counselors wanted to know why my 5 year old knew the term!