Monday, October 27, 2008

Which dress should I wear?

This weekend, I'm going to my first gala event - a fundraiser for the ballet school that Vince and Edda go to. The dress code is elegant. I went to the thrift shop (I've been pretty lucky trifting these days) and got this:


It's understated and shows a little skin which I guess makes it elegant. Then is occurred to me that I could wear my Chinese wedding dress:


A little flashier - I'm only going to know one other person at the gala (Jeremy isn't going) - and I thought it would attract a bit too much attention. Anyways, which dress should I wear?


Unknown said...

I like the top one. :) tho you look happier in your wedding dress.

Noel said...

Mom and Dad can't see the pictures. They, I believe, were filtered out by our network. But, we can see the DC Martins one.

Kelly said...

I love the top one - beautiful! I agree with Donald though, great smile in the wedding dress!!

yamster said...

I vote for the dark red. Show off those shoulders! :)

dcmommy said...

I vote for #1 and since I'm your date, my vote is the only one that matters : )

Anonymous said...

theyre both beautiful ... but the top one is pretty stunning in a more subliminal way. my vote goes to 1.