Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Au pair adventure.

Edda's been sick since Monday, so Yvonne's introduction to au pair-dom has been taking care of a non-verbal child who is extra cranky and home from school all day. Not the easiest way to start, but she's (Yvonne, that is) is taking it all in stride.

Yvonne is also quite the sportswoman, last night we played softball together at a pickup game in Silver Spring, we were on opposing teams, she was the catcher and I played right field. I love right field, no one ever hits balls out to right field, I could pick flowers out there and it would not place the game in jeopardy. Never, ever did I think I'd play softball again!


Brooklyn said...

If she makes it through this first round of illness - you are set!

sherah said...

Go Yvonne Go!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Kelly...If she can make it through the illness of a cranky non-verbal child she'll do great!!!