Thursday, October 4, 2018



I'm strangely "on vacation" this week.  It's strange because I'm still working and the house is still running on its regular schedule, but I'm completely and totally relaxed in a way I haven't been since about mid July.  I closed out the fiscal year at one job, the other job is a week of boring but kind of necessary classroom training with a regular business schedule. I've already done my first two weeks on the unit on my own and I'm still OK and I know if I did the first two weeks, I can keep going.  I'm sleeping like a rock (now that I've written it down, I know it will disappear), I'm going to sleep early, I'm sleeping in, I'm coming home and having dinner with the family.  I backed off on everything, exercising less, I'm eating luxuriously,  ignoring email, and generally having a good time.  Ha ha ha, this is how I like my vacations.  I'm trying to catch up on book club. Vickey already finished Watership Down.  I'm on page 15.  I was going to give up on this, but Vickey said that she wanted to talk about the ending with me, so maybe?  I'm not sure.

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