Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dumplings, donuts, quilt.


So much cooking from Vince in the house.  There were steamed dumplings on Friday night with wrappers made from scratch and pork that was ground at home.


On Sat, Nat was caring for Edda during the day and Vince convinced her to make HOMEMADE DONUTS together.


Jeremy and I came home from our separate outings at the same time to find:


The donuts were excellent.  Saturday was Maxi's made up 7th birthday (made up only because we don't know her real birthday) and she celebrated herself by stealing and eating the 7 remaining leftover donuts that were sitting on top of the dining room table.  I wonder if she actually gets up 100% on the table to eat all this stuff?  She also ate a whole pepperoni pizza on Thursday to warm up for the donuts on Saturday.  She is a slightly terrible dog.


And I got my first quilt back from the long arm quilting place!



Rena said...

Very very good.

yamster said...

Wow! Can we borrow Vince to cook for us? And the quilt looks gorgeous!

sherah said...

Oh man do those look good! Rena has taught him well.

Soojung said...

Omg look at that quilt!!!!! Beautiful!!!!