Monday, April 18, 2016



Sunday night dinner was a little sparsely attended (some last minute cancellations), though it is nice when the non-standard combination of people show up - the conversation changes when different people are at the table.  Jeremy, lucky for him, made only one gigantic lasagna and not his usual two, so there was only an inordinate amount of leftover lasagna and not an obscene amount of leftover lasagna.

We got a few chipmunk smiles from Edda this weekend, (pls disregard the slightly blood drool).


Though she stayed home today and will stay home tomorrow.  Yes, she's wearing her Totoro outfit.  Vince is suppose to be doing his math homework.


No pictures!



Anonymous said...

Edda has a Totoro outfit? Why don't I know this? Perfection! --Laura

sherah said...

As Homer Simpson would say, "Mmmmmmmm Lasagna".

Doris said...

Two comments! And from my favorites. 😊