Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mom's night out.


I went out to see the usual suspects.  We booked two reservations because we were rotating attendees because of conflicting schedules - one table at 5pm for three, and another table at 6:45 for three.  They had tables for three, but not for four?!  I dunno.  We did not get seated at a triangular table.  We had a great time, but our waiter was the weirdest server ever.  He was trying to tell us that we couldn't order coffee because no one else in the restaurant was ordering coffee.  Huh?  No one drinks coffee after dinner?

Soojung is the headliner in the following photos and we are her backup singers.





I came home to find Jeremy and Edda in the closet.  Jeremy thought we should wean her off the narcotic and onto Motrin to get her to be awake enough to eat.  She slept though the night on the lighter pain management protocol and ate yogurt this morning.


Jeremy moved a TV into the closet.  We should just turn it into another living room.



sherah said...

Poor little chipmunk cheeked Edda. Glad all that is over.

Doris said...


Soojung said...

I didn't realize how swollen Edda's cheeks were. Poor girl :(. So glad she is doing better now.