Friday, February 19, 2016

The Glass Menagerie


Determined to have a "real" date night last night, Jeremy and I went to see The Glass Menagerie playing at Ford's Theatre.  I'd never seen or read anything by Tennessee Williams - not A Streetcar Named Desire nor Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  It was delightful - I wonder why I don't see plays more often.  I like the exaggerated voices, accents, movements that come with live-action.  (Does live-action refer only to movies - as opposed to animated?)  I also like knowing that the actors do the same performance night after night and that this high drama repeats itself over and over again.  I just finished Life After Life by Kate Atkinson which tells a tale of a woman who lives her life over and over again and small decisions along the way lead to drastically different endings - so I've got deja vu on my mind.

It was interesting to go see it at Ford's Theatre - where Lincoln was shot.  Do you see the American Flag coming out of Jeremy's nose?


Our balcony seats were right next to the presidential balcony - you can see it with all the bunting.



sherah said...

These are cool! I know what you mean about seeing more plays. I love the theater but Netflix or a movie is so much easier. Jeremy, congratulations on your finished report!
Noel, Your house is so cute.

On another note we are trying to plan a trip to Mexico City. Anyone have any advice? We haven't been back to Mexico in 25 years!

Doris said...

Yes, netflix is tons easier. And cheaper! I've never been to Mexico city - the only city I've been in in Mexico was Guadalajara :(