Friday, November 13, 2015

The cookie king!

Fwd: Cookie FINALS

It's been a banner week here in the Martin-Lee household.  I will not delay in telling you that Jeremy WON the cookie competition.  I'll let you guess which one was Jeremy's:

Cookie 1: KXL Bituminous Chocolate Cherry “heavy, dark, and sour” accompanied by a train to transport the oil, a refinery, and the final combustion in the minivan

Cookie 2: Chewy Chocolate and Raspberry Sandwich

Fwd: Cookie FINALS

Oh yeah, and that report?  The main draft is IN. DONE.  Woo hoo.  Cookie & report stuff all done.  Jeremy is sleeping well.  What else could possible make the week any better?

Fwd: Cookie FINALS

Fwd: Cookie FINALS

That would be a dryer that works!  We are very excited.  We went about 10 days without laundry.  I was starting to wear Jeremy's underwear.  We were all getting a little stinky.  The dryer is the most energy intensive appliance in the whole house - so Jeremy wanted one of the few energy efficient models.  This dryer has an "ecoboost" setting which means we are saving energy - to the tune of about $20 a year.  When you engage the ecoboost, the dry time is about 80 min because the machine lowers the heat setting.  Costs less to spin than to heat apparently.  It was important to Jeremy.  So we survived a total of 2 mis-deliveries (where they came with gas dryers and not electric dryers) and finally it came to the house on Thursday.  It plays me music and it dries my clothes!  Woo hoo.


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Noel said...

Jeremy got the first prize and we (Rena and I) haven't got any yet :)