Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving early.


Late Saturday afternoon, we went to Boba's house for an early Thanksgiving.  Turns out that Boba is a great host!  (well, ok, Boba's parents).  There was a lot of wonderful food and very nice people hanging out.


We had finished eating and socializing and I went down to the basement to get Vince.  Thu (Boba's mom) is ten years younger than me, so all of her friends have kids that are ten years younger than my kids.  I leaned over to Vince and whispered that we were ready to go and Vince looked up at me and said - but I'm waiting to get a balloon!  I was like, really?  And he said yeah, totally.  But I gotta wait for all the three year olds to get theirs first.  Ha ha ha...



sherah said...

Leaky valve fixed, patient child gets balloon, lovely flower picture painted, Cookie King crowned, and Boba! I binge read this blog like I watch a show on Netfix!

Doris said...

ha ha ha - <3

dental deal said...

lovely flower picture painted