Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend wrap up.


Finished the very last day of OB clinical on Friday.


Drove a bunch of boy scouts (and Keyla and her pals) to Hershey Park on Saturday.


Did a very Noel Lee / Donald Lee thing and took a nap in the van while the boys went up and down all the roller coasters.



Went to my favorite toddler's birthday party!  Happy 3rd birthday Bert.  This is the only photo I took with my iPhone, but I took more than 600 photos on my big camera.  I hope some of them turned out.  Or at least are better than this one.


Edda came to the party.  Ate and took a nap.



Hosted Sunday night dinner for the first time since 2007 without Jeremy.  Turns out I can order Chinese food as well as the next person.  Jeremy left today for a week in Chicago...!



Soojung said...

Doris, that must have been a profound experience to witness childbirth. You are so awesome. I admire you! Go, Doris!!!!!

Unknown said...

That must have been a great experience for you dear! Thanks for sharing all this here. Well, I am also planning to throw a holiday party on my company’s foundation day. So please suggest some corporate holiday party ideas for this party!!