Sunday, October 4, 2015


There are two types of tired and stressed out.  The first kind - the terrible kind - comes from things out of your control.  You get downsized, someone gets sick, your kid is having serious troubles in school, you get your heart broken.  When this kind of tired and stressed out comes your way, you can only try to surrender your way through it.  The second, more desirable tired and stressed out, comes all from your own doing.  You decided it would be a good idea to make a three tiered fondant cake for your kid's birthday and now you find yourself elbow deep in powdered suger at 2am. Or that you could stay up late three nights in a row laughing with friends and getting buzzed and wonder why that one particular work thing fell short of your boss's expectation and now you have to redo the whole thing which will take days.  So I'm squarely in the 2nd type of tired and stressed out.  I'm happy life is so full and on the other hand, I'm a little touchy to hang out with.  Yowza.

Kiki's in town, so on Saturday we headed to DC to hang out with Louisa and June.  Here we are at the Capitol Hill Bookstore.  It was a dusty, creaky used bookstore in an expensive neighborhood with a kind yet grumpy proprietor operating the cash register.  I had to buy a book, because how can I not support just an endeavor? - Wolf Hall.  I bought it before I realized it was about Henry the 8th and that it has a character list that spans 4 single-spaced pages.


June is 93 years old/young and we had a nice time visiting the Eastern Market to buy groceries.




Later that night we went to Christine's 50th birthday party.  Dance par-tay!!!  Nothing more fun than watching a bunch of middle-aged people dance to Britney's pop songs.


Be warned...


sherah said...

Well ya'll get down with yo' bad selves!

yamster said...

WOLF HALL is a doozy of a book, but it is good (if you can remember who everyone is!).