Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tired Saturday.


Edda, on the loveliest day this week, went to the fair and got to have ice cream,  her face painted and have her hair adorned with a beribboned tiara.  I think she went on a few rides, but she's not telling me.

Boba, my dearest love, is visiting me this weekend and sharing my pillow.


Jeremy biked to the farm stand and picked up fruits and vegetables and fully loaded all his gear.


Then we went to Wegman's for dinner.


Jeremy bought me this electric toothbrush as a sign of his love and affection.  I'm the last person in the family to get one.  I'm a little frightened of it, it's very loud.  I have this thing with oral hygiene - I feel this slight resistance to doing it.  I can tell when I'm in a foul or depressed mood because the first thing that goes is teeth brushing.  Jeremy thinks that electric toothbrushes are amazing and will make me want to brush my teeth more.  I'm afraid it will make me want to brush my teeth less.



sherah said...

Edda looks so pretty. Whimsical. I'd like more pix of Boba please. I LOVE my electric toothbrush. It makes me like brushing my teeth. It wiggles a certain way and I know it's time to move on to the next group of teeth (sounds like I'm in kindergarten) and it holds a charge for days so I don't have to keep the charger on the counter!!

Doris said...

Ha ha - the love of an electric toothbrush :). But it's so loud in your head, I'm a little scared of it.