Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy birthday Donald!

I plucked this photo from Donald's Facebook feed.  I think he's having a good birthday.  Happy birthday you fool!  39!  Only one year from the big 4-0.  Wow, you are an old man now.


The University of Maryland Association of Nursing Students held a blood drive on Tuesday.  I took some photos for them.  I should remember to take twice as many photos as there are people.  I think that's the number I have to take to get a photo with everyone looking good.


Rena said...

Happy birthday - fool's boy.

Love, Mom

Donald Lee said...

Thanks sister and mother.

sherah said...

By the looks of these pix I don't think Donald is a fool. He looks like someone who knows how to eat well and enjoy himself! Love the pictures. You and Doris have it in your blood for sure!