Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow day.

Jeremy got in late last night.  He was out defending what is right in our local Rockville political scene.   Since he didn't fall asleep until midnight, I went to tend to Edda when she awoke at 4 or 5 am.  When I go over to her bed, I usually can just curl myself around her and coax her to go back to sleep until we all get up (minus Vince) at about 6 am.  And that is just what I expected to happen last night.  I was happily sleeping with a quiet Edda at 5:59 am.

And who comes running into Edda's pitch black room right at 6am?  Vince.  Delighted at having no school, he's up a full hour earlier than he usually is.  I scold him and tell him that he needs to go back to bed and he exclaims, "It's a snow day!  I don't want to waste it!"  

Then he took Edda and headed across the hall and tumbled into our bed.  Oh how I dislike snow days as much as Vince likes them.

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