Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Duracell :)

Yeah, I would like to pat on my own back for doing all these things in 10 consecutive days.

1.       Friday: after working 6 hours, drove to airport to catch transcontinental flight across the USA (one connection, east first, then all the way from east to west).

2.       Saturday & Sunday: to Home Depot twice to pick up 20 bags (50 lbs each) of wet mulch (rained several days already and still raining); put away all wooden boards on all walkways around the house and replaced them with mulch; cleaning up (by stacking them together) all construction debris of a master bedroom addition ( ~13 ft x 35 ft in size, engineered & sub-contracting by Rena) for earth work, foundation with drainage, radon gas mitigation system (DIY), framing ( vault ceiling, windows, closet, egress windows & door, door for crawl space underneath), siding , roofing with vent holes and electric meter relocation and its box addition; Installed door locks; planted a shrub on sale; buried ~14 feet of exposed new telephone wires (old one severed by electricians by accident, new old couldn’t buried due to debris all over) 6 inches deep; restored 7 feet long fence as well as 3 feet gate attached to it.

3.       Monday: Took transcontinental flight across the USA again with one connection.

4.       Tuesday:  Worked 11 hours.

5.       Wednesday:  Worked 11 hours.

6.       Thursday:  Worked 11 hours.

7.       Friday:  After working 6 hours, drove 10 hours (~ 550 miles) with pit stops only.

8.       Saturday:  did grocery shopping; vacuumed the house; did laundry; replaced all batteries (~20 for fire alarms, AC, remotes, garage door, clocks, etc.) inside the house; cleared the overgrown weeds, shrubs & trees around the house; removed all dwelling & food storage of mice under the car hood (on top of the battery was a nicely built home – very colorful and artistic & should be saved as a whole and input it into a glass enclosure as a house decoration, inside the air intake, on the engine block, etc.); charged the dead car battery; inflated all tires to 30 psi; to Jiffy Lube for oil change on the car driven.

9.       Sunday:  had breakfast with Jeremy, Doris, Vincent & Edda; drove another 10 hours (~ 550 miles) with pit stops only.

10.   Monday: back to regular schedules.

But, at my age (even look healthy), without waking up next morning is also possible J  

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