Monday, October 20, 2014


Donald flew to Portland this weekend to hang out with mom and to get a cup of coffee.

I went running on the C&O and it was beautiful.


Vince made me a BLT for lunch!


Jeremy is in a cookie bake-off at his work this week.  He wants to WIN.


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Noel said...

With Doris and/or Donald around, we(Rena & Noel)are suddenly elevated to a different class of consumers.

I usually drink $0.66 McDonald's senior coffee with refill :) No Starbucks' coffee

Or, a cup of $0.66 McDonald's senior non-sweetened tea. Of course, with refill too :)

My feast here in Oak Ridge, TN is $2.99 breakfast with 3 eggs, 2 toasts, 5 sticks of hash brown, a sausage and a cup of coffee from Kryster's.