Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

On this special day, I woke up fairly early around 4:00 AM and reflected upon to the fact that being a father is easy - get marry and have kids.  Or, just have kids :).  But, being a "good" father probably is not.  First, how we define "good"? In what sense? How to measure it?  There are a lot of important things which are not measurable by any means.

The only person that I can compare to is my father.  As I remember, he is a very strict person with bad temper.  In my mind, he is very hard to deal with.  Or, even talk to.  But, I never loss the fact that, in his heart, he would like all of us (8 total) to excel, even though his methods are much debatable.  In short, a man with good intention but with very limited bad approaches.  Even with all these, I still think my father is a father that just trying to do his best with good intentions.  With all these years passing-by, I know that my father loves us but just doesn't know how to deliver it.  But as "how to deliver", that doesn't matter to me too much after I grow up.

Now, am I better than my father?  Probably, not.  I just follow his steps to do what I think it is the best of being a "good" father. That is all.  No one really knows, even myself.

Again, Happy Father's Day.


sherah said...

Noel- Your words are so needed and appreciated today by me. Thank you so much.

Vickey said...

Happy Father's Day! My very good friend Doris always says the nicest things about you.

Soojung said...

Hello, Mr. Lee! I am a good friend of Doris' and your words made me think and reflect on my childhood with my parents' but also on my own parenting as a mother to my children. :) I needed to do that, especially today, so thank you! People say "children are mirrors of their parents." If that has any truth to it, I can tell you, you must have done a heck of a job as a father because Doris is someone that I very much look up to and is my inspiration. So happy father's day, to you, Mr. Lee :) (Oh and happy father's day to you, too, Jeremy!!!!)

Laura said...

Thank you so much for your post, Mr. Lee. And Happy (late!) Father's Day to you. I love reading about your family and seeing the photos. I also have a daughter with Rett syndrome, and Doris and I have become very good friends. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but I have heard some really lovely tales of the Lee family. And you must have some wonderful fathering/grandfathering skills, because you have done great work with Doris (and Jeremy), Vince, and Edda. They are some of my favorite people! Congrats and best wishes.