Friday, May 23, 2014


Mom had surgery on her broken elbow today.  Mom broke her arm less than 48 hours into their vacation to Turkey.  She also managed to knock loose her two front teeth.  After a stop in the ER in Istanbul, Mom and Dad both headed back to DC.

So now there are screws or plates or braces in her elbow.  I brought some flowers, ice cream and a SpongeBob balloon.  Everything is better with a little ice cream.


Noel said...

She is such as courageous lady. Right after her fall, her managed to push back her two front upper teeth into original position. Her dentist said her action saves her teeth.

sherah said...

What a smart lady. Though after knowing Doris and how smart she is I am not surprised by Rena's smarts. Tell Rena Sheila in Texas said Get Well soon.