Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Old house run.

Did a three mile old-house run today. Ran to the house I consider my "real" childhood home. Look! A Z4 parked in the driveway - certainly an upgrade from the Duster and Gremlin we had. I remember sock fights with my parents in this house. I remember climbing the trees in the front yard. I remember playing with all the neighborhood kids - hide and seek in the dark. And I remember the woods in the backyard.

I ducked into the woods in the middle and looks for our old trails - places where Donald (who apparently can now run 400m in 1:04. Not bad!) and I fished for minnows and crayfish with our kitchen strainers. I had to schooch over a log to cross a stream (and convince Maxi to come with me).

Finally emerged and ran past the house that we lived at when Donald was born. This house I have fewer memories - I remember playing on the swingset in the backyard and the neighbors two houses down. They've built an addition - I wish I could go inside and see it.

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