Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our House - Egress Window, Basement Bath Rough-In, Persimmon Tree & Magnolia Winter Coat

The egress window just passed county inspection and was done (picture 1).  

The basement master bedroom rough-in is on going.  The contractor just cut the floor yesterday (picture 2).   Toilet is in front of the post on the left.  Tub is at the back side.  Shower is on the right and the vanity is in between the tub and shower place.

Picture 3 shows our persimmon tree with fruits on it.  Mom took about 14 of them to her Mahjon (a Chinese game) friends.  The rest, I insist not to be harvested.  It is pretty as it is during the winter time.

The last picture show the ad hoc winter coat for our front yard magnolia tree.  It made of several tree leave bags from our neighbors and plenty of leave in the middle.  It will keep it a bit warmer when weather gets cold. Last year, it made of special fences.  And two years ago, it was with dry hay all around it.


Unknown said...

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