Friday, November 15, 2013


Nothing like after a long day at work to go to my parents house for a great home cooked meal (delicious!) and a 45 minute lively discussion on Obamacare. Oh how my dad enjoys nothing better than to engage Jeremy in a head-to-head discussion while I cringe and go looking for some ice cream. Tonight was better than usual - they agreed on some points - and everyone stayed in a good mood.  Maybe it was because the pork was so yummy.



Look at Jeremy's awesome sweater.  Brooks Brothers!  8 dollars from the thrift shop.  Poppin' tags!  Jeremy thought it was a little loud for everyday wear.



This is a day for outfits - out of my usual tee shirt and chinos into a dress and heels.  Inspired Vince enough (he was home sick today) to take a quick photo.



Noel said...

In short, I am not a big fan of Obamacare.

Doris said...

I know!! ;)

sherah said...

I like Obama and how much he cares.

Doris said...

I know!!!

Doris said...
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