Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vince is home!

This is a photo of the house on Wed morning. Early.


Vince is home from his week in the woods. Lots of dirty, wet clothes to wash. I missed him terribly. He's still very quiet because he's exhausted, so it's not like having the "regular" Vince back yet. Jeremy is sick today. He had what Edda had earlier this week when camp called us to pick her up when she was not feeling well. I'm loving this long quiet weekend! We are just relaxing around each other, doing piddly little projects as we see fit.


sherah said...

Yeah welcome home Vince! Ilove the pictures Doris. Especially the one of you in front of the "corrosive materials" sign. Haha was that you meting down from being superwoman. AND, the video of Edda - awesome!!

sherah said...

I meant melting. Typing fast yes but editing not my strong suit.

Doris said...

Thanks sherah! Hope it's not too hot there in TX.. xoxo

sherah said...

Two weeks ago 108 today 84 with rain. In July! Weird weather!