Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mad about test.


So I prepared for two tests yesterday - the lab test (which is remembering the names of about 100-150 muscles in the body) and the lecture test which is the physiology of how muscles contract and how neurons send signals throughout the body. A tremendous amount of information for my sieve-like brain. I walked into class a little early and asked a few of my classmates - so wasn't that like the most information you had to learn ever at one time? Then a super on-top-of-it-all classmate mentioned that the prof put a little note on the class web page that mentioned that there would be no lecture test! Less than 24 hours before the test was to be given! Argh! Kill me slowly with a dull knife.


Whatever. It is all fine. This morning, I've already given a pretty good haircut to Edda - I'm pleased with her slow progression from Romulan to Dora.



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