Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas concert

Vince had his annual Christmas concert at school last night. Oh no, not Christmas concert, Winter Concert. Last year, there were no holiday songs! None! Not even non-denominational ones like winter wonderland or frosty the snowman :(. This year, we had the Chipmunk Christmas song, with a solo by none other than our own Vince. Here's a video Jeremy shot on his phone from way back. Vince is a little blown out, he's in the front, just to the left of the music conductor, with a tie on. He gets the hula hoop line :)

Here's the interview after the performance. Notice chest fist bump at the end of the video.


sherah said...

Did you get him doing the song? I'd really, really like to see it! This video made me so happy!

Doris said...

Sorry - it got erased somehow! It's back now!

sherah said...

That was the BESTTTTTT. I started crying. Vince really was the best one. On key!