Thursday, October 25, 2012


At no time has my aging been more apparent than this semester when I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology at the local community college. I have an exam tomorrow on the skeletal system and I'm trying to stuff a million things in my brain about the bones in the body (you will not believe how many landmarks or features on bones that have names like Medial Malleolus). It's a class that is straight memorization and in my early twenties - I know I could have gotten a 100% on this type of test, but with work/kids/house/friends and then this class plus my 40 year old brain which is a little slower on the memory uptake - I think I'll be right on the frustrating B+ level which I'm trying to reconcile myself with as being OK.


I thought that all the skeletons in class were plastic, but this one is from a real, deceased guy.

Studying yesterday with furry study partners:


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Unknown said...

Are u taking Anatomy and Physiology class just for fun??!