Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy labor day!

Happy labor day to all you hard-working folks out there. I do love labor day as it not only pays homage to my union/socialist tendencies, but it also means the end of summer (my least favorite season) and the beginning of fall (my favorite season). It has been chock-a-block of regular-life craziness in the house, I'm trying to ride the tide and take care of things one at a time and not go too crazy. I think if I did enjoy drinking, that I would be imbibing in a glass of wine two-three times a day.

I didn't think life was too crazy last weekend when I agreed to foster Boba - a 6-year-old blind cockapoo (special needs!). Super cute. Boba is a dog from the 'hood - his family is going through a rough patch and the neighborhood decided to band together to take care of Boba for a few months. But Boba is mainly at our house because I'm the one working at home all the time - so here he is in all his glory.


Two days after agreeing to take in Boba, Ruby slipped on the hardwood floors and came up lame on her back right foot. Wouldn't put weight on it - this resulted in us carrying her up and down the stairs (thank goodness she's weighs the same as Edda - so we've been practicing, but one does have to start lower to the ground which places one's back at greater risk). We tried to figure out how to rejigger the stairlift to accommodate Ruby, but in the end, we are confining her to the first floor and she has to wear traction booties, which she hates, but are cheaper than the vet's suggestions of carpeting the whole house. The vet seemed to think it's just a pulled ligament, which seems to be right as Ruby is doing better all the time, but still hates her booties.


And right after Ruby came up lame, then Jeremy came up lame. Jeremy's been battling some Achilles tendon problems for the past year or so, and this week, it has decided to flare up so much so that he's limping around the house. He's taken to using the stairlift to get up and down the stairs. I told him that at least I get to divide the cost of the stairlift by two, which makes it much more economical per person. And if we figure out how to get Ruby on the stairlift, then I can divide it by three! Even more savings ;)


My two loves who can't do stairs, sharing a ride together.


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sherah said...

Why not carry Ruby just like Edda? We had to get some rubber backed rugs for jojo and then our neighbors bought him clear plastic carpet "runner" when he came to their house.