Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Camping -


Our last camp-out trip with the Cub Scouts happened this past weekend. Ruby was the doggie that got to go, she loves going on hikes with the kids, getting extra attention, looking for dropped s'mores and bits of KFC fried chicken. And she doesn't run away when you drop the leash, BONUS!  Somehow, we are surrounded by a million cub scouts and their little sisters (all Edda's age - bittersweet, but more sweet that night than bitter) who all swarm around and play with fire while the parents talk politics.


I love when camping is car camping and only 20 minutes away. I means that Edda and I can pop in for dinner, bring the forgotten items like bug spray and skedaddle out of there in time for bed time in our own beds at home!


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Anonymous said...

I like Edda's wig!!!