Monday, August 6, 2012

Statistics class.


My statistics class is almost over. I can't wait until it is over, as it is a summer course it meets every day for a couple of hours and although I liked it in the beginning, I'm now a little bit lost (OK, really a lot lost) and it is frustrating. I have some work to do to before the final next week. It may be because my philosophy is to only spend the time that I'm in class working on statistics which isn't really working out that well because I'm not really understanding it the first go-round, maybe because I'm distracted (see grocery list on notes page).


So I'm playing around with Instagram which I really don't like, but I'm trying it now (to keep me occupied during class).


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sherah said...

That classed killed me in college. I swear prof. passed me out of sympathy, or the desire not to have me again. And, you are waaaaaay smarter than me so I think that the grocery list on the stats notes is the ultimate mom multi-tasking. Very cool.