Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week of Edda.

I went to Edda's Valentine's day party at her school. She is mainstreamed into her 2nd grade class for these little activities and so they needed a few more people to help out to get the ratio up to 1:1. Sometimes, I think this low level mainstreaming is a little silly, Edda's not in the room enough to know the kids in the class and they don't really know her. I find it all a little bit depressing? pointless? sad? I think maybe all three. Anyways, whatever, I do it.


We also had Edda's IEP meeting which went well. We decided long ago not be confrontational with the school system and as a result, we have teachers and therapists who are willing to do practically anything we suggest for Edda. We just don't have very many good ideas of what can be done - especially with speech therapy. We have not found eye gaze to be very consistent, nor have we seen in Edda a tremendous desire to communicate. Of course, I want her to tell me what she wants, but maybe she doesn't even know what she wants herself.



sherah said...

It is not pointless. Edda needs you. And, we need her. I love her name in glitter.

Doris said...