Monday, July 18, 2011

That damn dog.

On Thursday - I was so excited becuase I had a $3 coupon off for children's Motrin at CVS. So I bought my 240 mL bottle of berry flavored ibuprofen and left the new box in the CVS bag on my bed on Thursday afternoon. At 8 pm that evening, we discovered the Maxi had eaten through the box, through the tamper resistant/childproof cap and indulged herself with almost 5 grams of pain reliever. So off she went to the emergency vet for 2 days of detox and rehab. She is fine. So I really didn't save that much money on the bottle of Motrin. That dog cannot be left alone. Anyways, that it why I did not go to the beach/memorial service this weekend because Maxi needed to be picked up late Sat night.

Here she is with the cone of shame so she doesn't mess with the IV port.




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Bad dog, Maxi. Bad dog!