Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Edda loves ice cream.

Vince's summer camp is nestled in the depths of Virginia - so we decided to organize a mini-road-trip around picking him up. On Friday - we drove to Montpelier, the home of James Madison. Traveling with Edda without Vince can be a luxurious experience in some ways - although she cannot participate by herself in almost all of the kid-centric activities such as a Children's Museum or a moon-bounce, she is always excited to walk/stroll on a downtown boutique boulevard or try new foods at a strange restaurant. It's not to say that the day doesn't present challenges - we always travel with movies and if Edda is impatient, we whip out the movies and she is content. In this way - we enjoyed the house tour at Montpelier and a 2 hour dinner with Edda.

We did have a theme for the day - Edda loves ice cream! (Actually we all love ice cream - but we like to blame our indulgences on Edda.)


Here's Edda at Sweet Frog frozen yogurt in Charlottesville, VA looking a little concerned that maybe we are eating too much of her frozen yogurt.


I announced about 20 minutes from Montpelier that I needed to pee. If you know me, you know I hate to stop the car to pee (I don't mind if someone else stops the car because they need to pee, I just don't like doing it), I don't like finding bathrooms, I don't like inconviencing anyone. I know, it's weird. I'm weird. But I think it must have been karma, because the closest bathroom was at the Moo Thru - a great local ice cream shop!



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Eliana said...

I like THE pict . Love u Edda.