Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RIP Anne Mayes.

Yesterday, I found out that my senior thesis advisor, Anne Mayes, passed away earlier this year from complications that stemmed from breast cancer treatment which started in 1994. When I was working on my thesis, she was 29 years old - a freshly appointed assistant professor at MIT. I remember her taking me out to Chinese food after a long day in the lab, I remember finding her in the morning asleep on the floor after pulling an all-nighter writing a paper or grant proposal. I was her first undergraduate student and she made a huge impression on me. She was not diagnosed with cancer until a few months after I graduated and she managed to simultaneously successfully undergo cancer treatment and become the first woman tenured in the Mat Sci Dept at MIT - what crazy dedication that must have taken (also, she's just brilliant, but that's a given). I lost touch with her many years ago, I'm not sure she would even remember me - but she was a pivotal person in my life. So RIP Anne, you will be missed.

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she said...

Find her family and tell them just what you written. It will mean so much!