Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday party!

In honor of the actual day of Edda's birthday, we had a small family celebration. Edda's birthday is always bittersweet and a little difficult - the ritual of balloons, cake and gifts is really just something I do for me because I don't think Edda knows this is a day different from all the other days.


We presented Edda with the cake and she promptly slap-smacked the candles (thank goodness they weren't lit yet).


We had some helium from the balloons and all of us inhaled and sang Edda "Happy Birthday" in chipmunk voices which amused all of us :)!



Monica Yalan Chang said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Edda!! 7 years old!
Natasha's birthday is on 26th! she is going to be 9 years old!!

Edda knows it is her birthday, look at her, so happy!


The MacDonald Family said...

Happy Birthday Edda!!! You look beautiful!

Eliana said...

Ohhhh i like that, i miss that face love u Edda