Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good friends -

Vince has been both lucky and unlucky in friends. He's been lucky as he's had a bunch of really nice best friends in kindergarten, first and second grades. He's been unlucky because his best friends have a habit of moving away. Luckily for us, his best pal from second grade moved only 45 minutes away from us, so we get to get together every few months or so.

I found out at Vince and D's last sleepover that D's mom is a huge snowboarding fan and that she's been having trouble convincing D to go out on the slopes. So we coordinated schedules and all headed out to White Tail Ski Resort last Saturday.

Playing DS on the way up to the resort:


Falling in our rental gear:


Getting ready for our first ski lesson which turned into a mini-fiasco, a bit of crying and wanting to go home:


But we lived through it! Vince got 3-4 runs down the bunny slope without too much trouble, but his stopping technique has a bit to be desired. I went down the bunny slope with him and was impressed with myself - I haven't been skiing in over 15 years, but I managed to turn and stop. Of course, the next day I could barely move. Ugh.


Unknown said...

Sister. That is a terrible haircut.

sherah said...


Tony said...

I'm with Donald.

Noel said...

Too long, he has lice all over :)

Tony said...

I recommend a buzz cut.

Doris said...

He wanted a bowl cut. I love the buzz cut idea, but he said that his pals would call him bald-y.

Tony said...

Picard was bald. Professor X is bald. How does he feel now?

sherah said...

Just teach him how to say "ENGAGE" or "Make it so" or "you have the bridge #1".

Doris said...

Ha ha - you guys are too funny. I'm just grateful that both the long hair and the lice are gone..