Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Date day.

With a babysitter and a day off, Jeremy and I celebrated MLK day by working together on a home improvement project that we've been planning on doing for over 2 years. We installed a storm door. We have such awesome date ideas ;).

We were going to pay someone to install the door, but it advertised "oops-proof" installation on the front of the package and promised to replace any part that was miscut for free, so we figured why the hell not...


It took us only 5 hours to do and I don't think we got frustrated with each other during the whole time.

Hunka-hunka husband with the power tools:


We have been diligently trying to lower the heating/cooling costs of the house. We've been trying to seal the house better from drafts and I have been slowly removing drywall in the house to discover the lack of insulation in various key locations - so I'm slowing plugging up the drafts with polyurethane goop. I have a 3 - hole rule. No more than three holes are allowed in the drywall anywhere in the house at one time. If I want to cut a fourth hole, I need to patch at least one of the other ones up. I'm pretty good at taking the house apart, and not so good at cleaning up.



Noel said...

Good work :)

sherah said...

Love the van. Love the Hunka-Hunka burning love too!