Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Japanese Car !

Mom just bought a Japanese car today! It is a 4-cylinder one, amazing!


Unknown said...

wow! congrats! you look great!

Noel said...

This is the first Japanese car in 40 years for us. I have known all along that they produce good cars with value. And most Japanese people are, just like ordinary Americans, decent people.

But, in general, I tried to stay away of buying their products as much as I can.

Life moves on! But, sometimes, I am just wondering how difficult it is for Japan to say "We were very sorry of what we did during World War II." It not only caused a lot of harm & suffering to others, but also toward their own people.

Germany did that, we apologize also to our Native Indians and our own brothers/sisters - Afro-Americans. Life isn't perfect. But acknowledgment of its imperfection is the first step toward real & meaningful reconciliation.