Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thinking outside the box.


We are trying to convince Edda that she loves to watch new videos... It's pretty hard, even though she likes Bob the Builder, the Wiggles, Blue's Clues, etc, she only likes certain particular episodes. We are trying to get her to watch broadcast PBS just so we don't have to have the same 7 videos going around and around the DVD player. It's working out OK, yesterday she laughed her head off watching an episode of Curious George she hadn't seen before..



sherah said...

I loved watching Sesame Street when Josh was little. Barney not so much.....

Doris said...

Yeah, Barney not so much. It be nice to get Edda to watch Hannah Montana. I hear the show is really funny and has only gotten better with age.

Anonymous said...


What is she a very chut girl. I com from Holland and my best girl friend has Rett Syndroom. (

Debra (14)