Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anniversary date.

To celebrate our anniversary, Jeremy took me (and Ruby) on a walking tour of Georgetown. We parked about a mile away from the main drag and walked through gorgeous neighborhoods with beautiful row houses.


Though the university full of college kids moving into the dorms:


And finally to the main drag - so full of people and Hummer limos. We split a brownie sundae and headed back to the car. Total distance - 3.2 miles. I wonder if it was far enough to work off the sundae. Probably not.



sherah said...

What a great idea for an anniversary date! And, you seeing the Wallflowers as well. (Who are MUCH better than Dylan in concert). Mom, full-time job, you are amazing.

Doris said...

I wish I was amazing. Ha ha! You, on the other hand, are amazing :)...

Noel said...

Happy Anniversary!

Doris said...