Sunday, August 30, 2009

Practicing My Night Shift Work

Well, Rena & I suppose to baby-sit the Diablo Canyon Power Plant during her planned outage about 2 weeks - day and night, 6 days a week.

Mom will on the day shift and I will on the night shift. With my old bones everywhere, it must be fun. To see whether I can be measured up. I woke up at 2:30 AM and came to work around 3:00 AM today :)

Oh, we just has one car. So, a rental car will be provided to us by the Plant during that time. I asked Mom to be careful on this winding road to the Plant. I am sure she will be alright. But, I am just concerned.


Doris said...

I'm sure the country's nuclear power will be safe under your watchful eyes.

Noel said...

Thanks. But, Mom has much more inside about piping analysis than me. And in general, she has more mechanical and/or fluid dynamics knowledge about Nuclear Power Plant than me too :)

I believe, mine is enough too earn a pay check though.