Monday, July 6, 2009



We made it home last night - started the laundry and cleaned up a little. On our last day, we went to San Francisco and met up with Ben, Johanna, Felix and Ruben. I failed to get any photos, I'm sorry, it will have to wait for the next trip. Their new place is fabulously cute as are the kiddos (of course).

Back to the grind, we've got dental appointments, therapy, ESY, science camp all starting today. Edda is apparently all over jet lag. Vince is still sleeping on the couch, he needs to leave in 30 minutes. Ack.


Ruth Ziony said...

welcome back! Ijust got back from
Cleveland, looking at the old
Halle Family mansions (Halle Berry's
mother named her after that dept
store, which my Great Uncles
founded Long ago), visitng my
friends from prep school days (HE
courted her and supplied men from RPI where he was an undergrad-as Emma
willard is also located in Troy
and on a Sunday pm, having 'gentlemen
callers' was great) adn then to Oberlin to see my nephew who is
in the grad program for early
education. I had 'trouble' with Oberlin, which seemed to be populated with all those 'green,
liberal' types-and then the
townies who are poor and not
white or liberal and hang out
in the center of the small
college town, but no one
mixes or speaks to the other!
I found a grat hat, however,
from Halle Bros at the one 'vintage
store' and had the best granola-
and oh yes, a fine visit and swim in the 'arboretum' with my
nephew as lifeguard. AND some
great live music.

I miss having Vince et al here-
tell him there are more 'webs'
waiting for him to water away.

And of course I am glued to the TV for all the Michael Jackson
smut coverage and the memorial
service tomorrow-better than OJ!

Rena said...

Are you taking the super-shutter bus? It is door to door service. But it takes a while.

Doris said...

No, we are taking the bus to long term parking. We would be insane to take the super shuttle.

Ruth Ziony said...

SUPERSHUTTLE is impossible! BUT
if you want to rent them as a
limousine, of course then it
is direct service. I"m sure
Rena did not have that in mind.(Sorry I've spent enogh HOURS on SS
to know. Even the bus in LA is cheaper and faster).