Monday, June 22, 2009

Red line and accidents.

Both Jeremy and I were on different Red Line trains when the accident occurred, but we were going in the opposite direction from the collision - ironically, I had been stuck on the Metro for over 2 hours for a completely separate reason (a train broke down in my direction) when over the loudspeaker, our train operator said that there was now an emergency in both directions. Just so shocking that people died in the accident - my thoughts are with their family and friends.

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Ruth Ziony said...

Not so 'shocking' is it, when you
read that they were told MANY YEars
ago to get rid of those cars which
were the ones where people died,
as they were deemed unsafe....
Everything has anteceedents-and
this one, from someone who
relies on public transporation, is
particularly TERRIFYING!!

BUT I AM even MORE frightened that you were on a metro that was
stopped for 2 hours-let alone
the day of the accident!!

I have some additional thoughts on this, but will spare you.